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We are a multi-talented Upholstery Cleaning Company with its fingers in many different pies.

If by chance that pie has left a stain on your sofa. We can come to clean it!  Our special upholstery cleaning service can remove small stains and restore fabrics at a much cheaper cost than our competitors as we charge on a stain-by-stain or item-by-item basis. So don’t waste money!
We bring water and all electricity with us and offer a money-back guarantee.  Our services are usually used for Bar/restaurant seats, carpet stains and even curtains.

Stop paying big money for little stains.

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washello stain removal

Our cleaning process for upholstery in London

Top shelf products

We use Portable wet/dry vacuums and top shelf products to not only leave the carpets clean but also dry, to limit further problems.

It can be a tricky process cleaning stains and revitalizing fabrics, often stains can run very deep and the fragility of the material can always add to further issues.   Nothing can stand out more on a sofa or restaurant chair than Chocolate, red wine, coffee, curry, and fruit juices.


washello stain removal

we come to you

Convenience and Costs

Because we deal with smaller stains rather than large carpets we dont charge big prices. We charge on a stain by stain basis or item by item.

We dont want to over charge people for a simple task which is why people will keep on using us.


washello stain removal


Established in 2015.

Mobile Upholstery cleaning across London

London’s Stain Removal Specialist

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