London’s cheapest mobile car valet,

London’s cheapest mobile car valet

Companies offering Mobile Car Valeting in London 2022

Mobile Car valeting across London is becoming increasingly more popular as access to water is becoming ever more restricted and more and more vehicle owners now have access to door-to-door services, with a touch of a button, via mobile apps.  Static location car washes are becoming even more scarce due to the higher costs of land rental and town planning.  The increase of mobile car valeting companies is many due to these reasons and now more accessible due to new services leading to lower costs such as a waterless washes and faster delivery solutions

cleaning a bmw 1 series

There are many mobile car valeting companies scattered across London all with a host of different prices and services available:  an article written in 2022 by Checkatrade gave us a list of prices in their research of the industry stating

London Car vleting prices

‘’Depending on the factors above, you could pay as little as £15 for a basic wash, or as much as £110 for a full valet.
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What we have done is taken the top 5 mobile car valeting company and compared the pricing to see which are the cheapest per service.  We choose 3 services exterior, mini-valet and full valet to see how each company compares in price:

An exterior wash will consist of a full exterior clean not including polishes or waxes, a mini-valet consists usually of a full exterior clean and a lighter interior clean (no stain removes of deep carpet cleans, etc), and a full-valet would consist of a full exterior clean and a deep interior clean, removing stains and strong carpet, dash, and door clean.

The first company is who has a wide range of services available that cover most of the UK including London.  They appear to be more of the high-end services but still offer a ‘super mini-valet’ so we can include them, Their prices are as follows:

exterior wash is Guide Price From £80

mini valets consist Guide Price From: £40

 full valets come in at Guide Price From: £150


The next company is  Their business operates using orders from an App and have the ability to enter postcodes directly onto their website.


They provide: an exterior clean from £25

A mini valet (Bronze valet) from £33

And a full valet which includes a ‘buff’ from £100


Washdoctors have many more services and prices can go beyond


Our next company who is at the budget end of the pricing scale.  They not only offer car washing but roadside car services as well, they also offer a 10 Discount for new customers.


Exterior wash starts at £24

Mini valet or ‘Quick in and out starts at £36

and a full-valet from £66 -£165

Another company on the budget end is which has a smaller range of services but have products that can be added on.

Exterior wash £25

Mini-Valet £45

Full Valet £120


Another company called to seem to be a mid-price valeting company who have a nice and easy booking platform:

Exterior wash starts at £49

Mini-Valets from £49

Full Valets £199

Finally, we have our company  Washello is on the cheaper end of the scale and specializes in Mini-Valets which claim to get up to %85 of interior dirt but a full exterior clean.  Although they do offer a mini valet, they have many extras you can add to your valet to keep it cheap and focused on the areas you want rather than waste money

washello image

Mobile Car valet Washello

Exterior clean from £18

Mini Valet £25

Full Valet (not included) but choosing your own services you can create a full valet for around £45

This price where taken on the 1st of November 2022 so they may have changed by now.

Top 5 Mobile Car Cleaning Prices for Exteriors in London


So here are our findings:

Exterior car valeting prices

Londons exterior car valeting prices

Here are the prices for just the Exterior cleans for Mobile Car Valets by the top 5 companies, prices will range depending on the services but there is a big difference between the (Cheapest Washello £18) and the higher tiers of £49 to 80.  The difference in services could include additional like Waxes and Coatings.

Next is the Mini Valets.

Here we have mini valets. Mini valets sometimes have different services attached to them but usually, you expect light inside and out.  More of a ‘freshen up’ rather than a deep clean,

and finall;y:

Full mobile Valet prices in london

Full mobile Valet prices in London

Again full valets can differ in price but you will expect to receive a good exterior and interior cleaning.  Some companies will remove tough fabric strain while others may include a wax or leather cleaning treatment.


Do expect some difference in standards when ordering a mobile car valet.  Cheaper valets usually will still give a good clean but don’t expect full stain removal.  High prices valets will go one step beyond on making your car clean. Some valets can take 3 hours to complete, others at least 45mins.  What we found (in our opinion) was if you want to get a decent clean it’s better to get your vehicle done twice a month for cheaper than 1 expensive valet.


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