London’s Mobile Car Wash,

I write this during a nationwide hose pipe ban in October 2022 where a long British summer and no rain has left London and the vehicles looks very neglected a dry.

Mobile Car Washing in London is a fairly new concept, since the rise of fast-food delivery and the new range of ‘straight to door’ services have become an ever more an accessible idea.  From food, flowers, laundry and even window cleaning can now be order straight to your front door via an App or simple website.

But Vehicle cleaning can pose more of a challenge, right?

car valetling man

Man cleaning ncar

Cleaning your own vehicle in London poses a problem for people living in towers blocks or have their car stored in one of London many underground car parks. Dragging buckets of water down and up flights of stairs for those who don’t have access to ground floor tap can be a horror story for the elderly or physically lazy

Its easy to point and laugh at the man in his dressing gown and rubber flip flops using the kitchen washing up bowl overflowing with fairy liquid suds frantically finalizing the cleaning of his end-of-year leased Ford like the final seconds of a celebrity bake off episode in a vain attempt to get his deposit back.


roadside cleaning

cleaning car roadside

Its 2022.  Times have changed and mobile car washing have found ways to not only carry equipment to fix dents and replace glass but also 3-stage polishing and night time cleaning all done at the side of the road but at a cost.  Full valets can start from around £80 in London as congestion fee, the price of fuel, one-way systems and ever vigilant parking attendees are boosting the costs of valeting and that’s not including finding a car space to park alongside the customers car.

But the future is now here, many of the issues which have stood in the way of customers and valeters have been solved which in the introduction of waterless washes, high tech cleaning equipment and scooter riders, prices have now plummeted and mobile valeting which was usually reserved for the Chelsea tractor owner is now accessible for all.