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Inside and Out (Mini Valet)  Mobile Car Valet

Our Mobile Car valet mini valet service is designed for a fast, effective performance to freshen up your car. A professional hand car clean and spray wax using top shelf products and microfiber cloths. This also includes an an light interior clean to the car. A mobile valet service which will travel to your vehicle’s location (usually within 30mins) and collect the keys from you:

(Please remove child seats if you have them, as we are not qualified to remove or install them)

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Exterior Premium Wash

  • Vehicle’s Exterior Washed
  • Waxed paint finish
  • Windows cleaned
  • Wheels and Alloys
  • Tire Dressing

Light Interior Clean:

  • Trash Removed
  • Upholstery and carpet vacuum
  • Dashboard and centre console cleaned
  • Inside Windows cleaned
  • Minor stain removal
Washello Exterior Wash

Premium wash (Inc Large Vehicles) Mobile Car Valet

A professional hand car wash using Chemical Guy’s or Meguiars Products and microfiber cloths. Including (4×4’s, People Carriers, Vans, Estate cars) A mobile valet service which will travel to your vehicle’s location (usually 30mins) and provides:

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Vehicle’s Exterior Washed

  • Gloss paint finish
  • Windows cleaned
  • Wheels and Alloys
  • Tyre dressing
  • Spray wax (boosts shine & adds protection against weather)

We remove the majority of tar, sap and grime from the vehicle without scratching your paint work. Complete car wash leaving your vehicle with a showroom shine!

Optional Extras

Wax And Tyre Shine £14.99

A coat of wax will make your car look fantastic and protect it better than polish alone.  We use Bilt Hamber Paste Wax which is one of the best on the market. We also add a layer of Tyre shine to give your vehicle a fresh look.

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Leather clean £5.99

Our leather clean will remove the majority of stains to the fabric, freshens up the surfaces and provide a layer of Auto Glym protection to keep your seats maintained.

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Seat & carpet clean £5.99

This clean will help remove stains from the seats and carpets of your vehicles.

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Hood fabric clean £5.99

A professional hand car wash using Auto Glym products.  The fabric is washed using special fabric soap then protected with Auto Glym’s Hood protector.

*If the hood is especially soiled i.e Mold,stains, damage etc.  Then its advised to have it cleaned at a specialist as we cannot gaurentee the fabric will be totally cleaned*

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Polish £69

(Please email before booking)  This service reduces imperfections in your car’s paint leaving the paint with its natural showroom shine.  This process can take around 3 hours but will leave some incredible results.

* We add a nano wax finish to the paint but recommend also adding our Wax service to finish the job to protect the paint.

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Commercial & showroom

We supply a regular car valet for commercial vehicles whether Taxi, Branded Vehicle or Company car. We also have the ability to supply a car valet for showroom vehicles. Our waterless wash professionals can clean vehicles without leaving dirty floors and vehicle left sparkling new.

To enquire, send an email to info@washello.com


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