Terms and conditions

1. Location

(Washello operates inside the North and South Cirular)

Washello riders are spread across London and reach you in minutes whether at work or home!

*Please check your car’s location before ordering. If a vehicle isn’t parked inside this area we may cancel the Booking.

2. Neglected Vehicles

To keep our prices as low as possible we don’t carry heavy duty cleaning machinery. If you vehicle has been stood for a while, accumulated vast amounts of mud or the interior is in bad shape? We have to cancel the order.


  1. We cant clean up heavy amounts of dog hair
  2. We cant clean up dog vomit or fecal matter

3. Parking location

Please ensure your vehicle isn’t parked on a busy road, it can be dangerous for our staff to clean vehicle surrounded by congested/fast moving traffic. We may have to ask you to move the vehicle.

4. Types of Vehicle

We wash any vehicle providing it’s under the height of 6ft as we don’t current have the means of reaching the roof of taller vehicles.

* We are unable to valet vehicles properly exceeding the height limit of 6ft. Please ensure your vehicle is below the height of 6ft and disable the alarm if sensitive.

5. Canvas Hoods

We can clean smaller canvas and Vinyl hoods, but since we are a Eco-friendly company, larger fabric hoods can cause problems for example we don’t do sizes similar to Jeep hoods but small convertibles we can.

Other information

Book online for card payments or by phone if you prefer cash payment.

** You dont need to be at your car if you pay online, we can find your vehicle and clean it without the car being unlocked. If you have a sensitive alarm we recommend disabling it and we’ll let you know as soon as the wash is completed( for exterior washes only).**

Money back guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our cleaning, then we’ll send a Rider and re-clean it for free! Guaranteed. Or if your still not happy we can provide a refund,


(Every Washello Rider as is covered by our £50,000 per incident insurance coverage.)


For our exterior clean we use around 16 litres of water and finish off with a spray wax for that addition shine.


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