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What is a Mini Valet? (Our Standards)

A mini valet is a car detailing service that typically includes a thorough cleaning of the car's exterior and interior. It is less extensive than a full valet service, but more comprehensive than a basic car wash.

A mini valet usually involves a hand wash and spray wax of the exterior, cleaning of the wheels, vacuuming and wiping down the interior, and cleaning the windows.


We also Offer a host of Extra Services to customize your valet, Check out More services at the bottom of this page.

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Interiors we are unable to do as a Mini Valet Company


Cars valeted across London are in thier 1000’s, offering hand car wash and mobile car valeting to your location

At Washello we use environmentally friendly cleaning products, pressure washers and micro-fibre cloths to prevent scratching and finish the job with a wax finish you can see your face in.

We are still London’s Cheapest and more effective mobile car valet.

Know More About Mobile Car Valeting London Services

Professional Mobile Car Valeting and Mobile Car Detailing in London

Washello is the first company in London to introduce affordable Mobile Car Valeting and Mobile Car Washing near you, with over 6000 cars cleaned across London.  Inside & Out mobile car detailing from £25,  We revolutionize how mobile car wash services are done in London by offering a Mini-Valet Service. Most people don’t want to pay £50 – £100 for a Full-Valet so our Mini-Valets cost around £27 for a full exterior clean and a lighter interior clean.

Most people don’t actually need a full valet so why pay more?

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Our Additional Services

Our cleaning process for mobile car valeting in London

Top shelf products for valeting

We use pressure washers and top-of-the-range cleaning products for mobile car valeting across London.  Using some of the best technology available we pressure wash your car with high-foaming agents and finish with a high gloss detailing spray.  Your vehicle will never look the same again!


Why choose a mobile car valeting or detailing service?

First of all, the difference between mobile car valeting and mobile car detailing is the attention to detail.

Washello car detailing takes place on the exterior where we supply a polish and ceramic coating and we focus on making your car shine.  A car valeting is a just decent mobile car clean.   Car detailers tend to go into ‘detail’ in where you can spend over £200 getting your car detailed. Washello offers a mobile car valeting service at half the price of our competitors because you choose what services you need rather than overpaying for full valeting.  Think of us as a pick-and-mix service with the same selection both inside and out but much cheaper. Washello mobile car valeters come to your location, rain or shine, and offer a wide range of services with top-shelf products and equipment.



Great service by this company. My car was very dirty due to it not being washed for weeks because of the lovkdown. It was cleaned inside and out immaculately by... read more

Amelz Avatar Amelz

Car looks fantastic and it's such an easy service to use. James was a pleasure to deal with and did a great job. Amazing value for money.

Fiona Crabb Avatar Fiona Crabb

William Leyland Avatar William Leyland

Service was ok the guy was polite but clean was expensive for the results.

Paul Hobden Avatar Paul Hobden
Our Services

Mobile Car Valeting that comes to you

Convenience and Costs

Dont waste your time queing up at the car wash.  We bring everything we need to you car. Just unlock it when youre ready.

We are nearly half the price of a full valet mobile company, saving you money so you can use us more often 😉


Established in 2015.

We have now cleaned over 5000 cars across London!

Why Choose Us

Insurance policy

Every Riders Wash is backed by our £50,000 per incident insurance coverage.

Time Saving

You can leave your car at almost any location; outside your home, public road, at the cinema or even at your place of work.

Happy to return

If you’re not 100% happy, fear not – we shall return and re-clean for free.


There is something amazing about the ability to get your car cleaned anywhere. Save time from driving to the car wash and waiting.


All washes are done using their own non-toxic PH Neutral chemicals and minimal amounts of water.

Easy booking

Easy, on-demand booking platform. Booking a clean has never been easier!

We carry our own water and come straight to you!

We provide full exterior cleans and lighter interior cleans.

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Than 10,000 Happy Customers

Send Your name, location, and services to 07453309333 or Info@washello.com and we will get back to you in minutes.
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